The expertise

Providing the best
Day after day, J&P Facilities designs, installs and optimizes complete, , inexpensive environmentally-friendly systems for your comfort.

Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating (HVAC)

Install, repair and maintain all HVAC systems: electrical contacts, pipes, radiators, boilers, air conditioning, ventillation, air treatment, optimization of energy consumption...

Renewable energy

Advising and intervening to develop alternative and eco-friendly solutions to produce electricity : photovoltaic, solar panels...


Developing bespoke equipment and plumbing systems : industrial fluids, sanitary equipment, industrial waste...

All building trades

Perform work involving all building trades..


Installing specific equipment in compliance with technical and regulatory standards : electrical panels, lighting, computers, alarm...


Think global
From France to Africa, J&P Facilities supports its clients over time with one wish in mind : to provide thorough quality services.

Audit and survey

We analyze the installations and study requests very thoroughly to identify possible malfunctions, advise and find the most appropriate solutions.

Conduct energy audits by taking stock of the energy performance of a housing or building.


We install equipment and carry out all the necessary work while ensuring complete budget, planning and technical resources on the work sites.


We intervene regularly to keep the equipment operationaal, avoid breakdowns and thus save our customers repair costs.

Business Areas

Adapt to any circumstances
Whatever the size of your projects, J&P Facilities team puts is an expert team puts all his knowledge at the service of its clients, to asist them whatever their business area.



The complexity of projects in the tertiary sector and the numbers of parameters to be taken into account have a great impact on our jobs. To guarantee its clients premises that are always flexible in terms of layout, J&P Facilities always provides bespoke services whatever the business area concerned.

  • Companies, administration
  • Telephone operator, banking, security
  • Health, hospital, institutions for dependent adults
  • Hotel, catering, trade

Industrial sector

In industry, the constraints of applications and processes require adapted and irreproachable technical solutions. That is why J&P Facilities teams always operate with quality and optimum safety in mind.

  • Factories
  • Food industries
  • Mechanical workshop
  • cooling system
  • IT infrastructure & Data center
Énergie renouvelable

Renewable energy

Altough renewable energy solutions are reliable, inexpensive and eco-friendly, they remain technical and require real know-how. To guarantee its clients the very best service, J&P Facilities brings all its expertise.

  • Park construction
  • Energy transport

The news

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Stay informed of the latest J&P Facilities innovations in your industry.

French Quality

Share know-how
J&P Facilities embodies all of french excellence in terms of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, renewable energy, audit and all building trades.


J&P Facilities is happy to share this internationally recognized know-how by teaching it on site. Because beyond its core missions, the company defends a sustainable relationship, centered on the progress of each individual and on the success of all..

The team

Embodying human values
J&P Facilities is a group of seasoned professionals who are entirely dedicated to their clients' success. Gathered around their leaders with international expertise, J&P Facilities draws its strength from its solid experience and human vision of the profession.

25 years' expertise in international organizations.

With precise knowledge of field problems, in France and in Africa.

A team who is dedicated to their clients, before, during and after construction sites.

A human commitment that looks to bring the best of French know-how and train local staff to sustain local economies, particulary in Africa.




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